• Honesty – Responding and acting truthfully with all people at all times
  • Quality – Striving to deliver the highest level of products and services by utilizing proven knowledge and experience
  • Reputation – The perception earned by consistently meeting or exceeding
    expectations of our customers and our community
  • Humility and Respect – Understanding with patience and an open mind that each person is important to the company, and that no one is more valuable than his or her co-workers

Work Ethic

  • Commitment – A willingness to get the job done to the customer’s satisfaction, even when that service extends beyond normal hours
  • Attitude – Always exhibiting a cooperative and resilient spirit
  • Mentoring – Proactively sharing knowledge and experience to the benefit of fellow employees
  • Teamwork – A cooperative and coordinated effort to achieve company goals

Value Creation

  • Customer & Value Focus – Responding to our customers’ needs in a way that increases their profit and/or quality of life
  • Productivity & Efficiency – Seeking better ways to produce quality output
  • Profitability – Increasing the value of our company over time

Family & Community

  • Image – Maintaining an appearance of our persons, equipment and grounds that conveys our professionalism and an environment that we are proud to show our community and our families
  • Balance – Working in a manner that honors all stakeholders including our company, our community and our families
  • Faith – Believing in the inherent worth of others, and conducting business based on the Christian values upon which our company was founded


  • Safety, DOT & Environmental – Striving to meet or exceed standards presented by regulatory agencies with an awareness and understanding of the importance and benefit to our employees, our community and the environment