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Our People

At IDM trucking, we understand that the quality of the company moving your freight is important to you. We believe that in order for us to best serve our clients we must have the best drivers. Our thorough employment process has produced an amazing team of professional and experienced drivers who are fully capable of delivering your freight in a safe and professional way. We also understand that service does not stop once the load is picked up. Our dedicated team of experienced dispatchers is available to assist you every step of the way.

Our Equipment

In addition to our people, high quality equipment is essential to do the job right. In today’s competitive trucking environment, many companies cut corners in fleet maintenance. This could mean unnecessary delays and possible damaged freight. At IDM, we have held firm to the belief that the right equipment gets the job done safer and more efficiently. We have an on-site shop where our fleet is regularly inspected and problems addressed promptly. We also value the importance of keeping a newer fleet to limit the number of problems that arise. All our trucks are equipped with the newest technology including GPS so we can give you up-to-date freight tracking information and an idea of when your freight will arrive.

Our Services

While we specialize in van freight, IDM Trucking has the ability and willingness to develop custom solutions to your needs in the dedicated transportation industry. In recent years, we have partnered with many clients who have specialized freight including scrap metal, temperature sensitive, and container freight. We are licensed to haul alcoholic beverages and have access to the Port of Virginia. To better serve the Shenandoah Valley, area we have employees and warehouses available to assist you in an instance where a load needs restacking or cross docking. These services are available for a fee even if we are not the freight hauler. If you have any questions regarding our services, please contact us.

why choose us?

our people

At IDM Trucking, we believe our company is only as good as the people we have representing us. That is why we pride ourselves on having one of the most experienced and professional teams in the business. The relationship between our drivers and dispatchers helps us to communicate better with each other and provides a workplace people enjoy. We also strive to form relationships with our clients to better understand your needs and in turn provide better service.

our equipment

At IDM trucking, we believe high quality equipment gets the job done safer and more efficiently. Outdated equipment can cause unnecessary delays or damage to freight. We pride ourselves on our modern fleet of trucks and trailers that enables us to better serve you.

competitive rates & better service

As a mid-size trucking company we are able to compete with the rates of large trucking companies while maintaining our commitment to service. At IDM Trucking, you are a name not a number and we will never lose track of your load.

Interested in working with IDM?

Drivers at IDM enjoy a personal relationship with their dispatchers and we believe that makes all the difference.